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54 track double cd featuring madlib, pete rock, dj jazzy jeff, jay dee etc. over the course of nine albums in the 2000s for their producer-led beat generation series, bbe adopted an unusual stance. 'do what you want,' their artists were told for probably the first time in their careers. the label's enormously liberal approach was the antithesis of stiff major record label a&r practices, their forward thinking rewarded handsomely by a truly diverse set of albums from some of the world's most capable hip-hop architects. among those picked to contribute were golden era greats (marley marl; jazzy jeff); acclaimed dj / producers whose work habitually blurred genre lines (king britt; dj spinna; madlib); and those whose regular gigs didn't afford them the creative freedom they craved ( dj spinna is something of an anomaly in music. a humbling example of what it takes to truly succeed within the framework of multiple fields: a steadfast work ethic, an obsessively extensive vinyl library and the willingness to pursue the full extents of his roots (funk, soul and jazz), foundation (hip-hop) and future (electronic / dance music) with no restraints. known popularly as mr thing, this supreme disc jockey first started djing in 1987. he said recently - "the first hip-hop record i bought was streetsounds crucial electro, first import 12" was bdp 'poetry', first actual record was ... (cringing) adam and the ants 'kings of the wild frontier'". from these humble beginnings mr thing went on to become one the worlds finest djs and producers. press play and give it up for the beat generation.

DJ Spinna - The Beat Generation (10th Anniversary Collection)

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