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A transatlantic collaboration between five musicians from the UK jazz collective Steam Down (and DoomCannon) plus eight musicians from Colombia's folk, jazz, hip-hop, salsa and electronic scenes and groups such as Ondatropica, Frente Cumbiero and La Perla. Mestizo is: UK musicians: Ahnansé (Steam Down) - tenor + soprano sax, vocals (UK music director) Shantéh (Steam Down) - vocals Benjamin Appiah (Steam Down) - drums DoomCannon - keyboards, synths, electric guitar Grifton Forbes-Amos (Steam Down) - trumpet Colombian musicians: Jose Miguel Vega (Ondatropica) - trombone León Pardo (Ondatropica) - trumpet + gaita Diana Sanmiguel (La Perla) - percussion, vocals + gaita Marco Fajardo (Frente Cumbiero) - clarinet + tenor sax Daniel Michel (La BOA) - bass + synths (Colombian music director) Ronal Balanta (Chambimbe) - keyboards, synths, electric guitar + percussion Alejandro Cifuentes (Bandejas Espaciales) - drums + percussion Salomé Gómez Burbano - marimba + trumpet Luis Luque (La BOA) - euphonium N. Hardem - MC

Mestizo By Mestizo

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