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"At The Time I Started Working With U-Roy On The LP Dread In A Africa In 1975, I Already Recorded A Few Good Songs Two-Three Years Before With Him. But Sometime After This Project With U-Roy My Record Village Shop At 5 Hope Road -On Half Way Tree- Got Broken Into, And These Thieves Set The Place On Fire. At The Back Of The Shop, I Had A Storeroom In Which I Kept Many Of My Tapes. So Some Tapes Were Destroyed With Songs From Artists Like Eric Morris And Also Some Of The U-Roy Project. I Rented That Place From A Chinese Lady And She Wasn't Insured So I Lost A Lot Of Money There! At That Time This All Happened I Was In England For Business. So It Was Very Stressful To Me As You Can Imagine. Anyhow, I Decided A Year Later On To Release The Five Songs Which I Still Had On Tape With Some Instrumentals From The Backing Band Skin, Flesh And Bones, As A Kind Of A Showcase Album.


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