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GLORY is a special edition Akae Beka showcase EP featuring vocal and lyrical contributions from four top-tier reggae talents, including the 2023 Grammy winner Kabaka Pyramid, Micah Shemaiah, Reemah, and ex-Black Uhuru member Mykal Rose. Zion High Productions’ producer JAH David Goldfine adds four dub mixes for a complete roots and culture reggae showcase experience, making this record equally suitable for a sound system selector’s record box and a vinyl connoisseur’s record shelf. 

The world-renowned chanter and lyricist Vaughn Benjamin is perhaps best known for his many years as the charismatic frontman of Midnite. However, his later years as Akae Beka ushered in an era during which his work with the Zion I Kings producers collective explored new musical horizons. GLORY pushes these boundaries further, venturing into inspired melodic and harmonic directions by pairing Vaughn Benjamin’s distinctive and timeless vocals with four instantly recognizable voices in reggae music. 

The Zion I Kings are joined on GLORY by an array of talented musicians, including Roberto Sanchez, Craig Taylor, and Lloyd “Junior” Richards on drums; Andrew “Drew Keys” Stoch on keyboards; Okiel Mcintyre and Andrew “Drew Keys” Stoch on trombone; Donald “Jah Bless” Toney on saxophone; Okiel Mcintyre on trumpet; and Zoe Brown on flute. Roberto Sanchez and Ruel Klyve Moncrieffe provide background vocals. 

The striking and colorful cover art is by longtime Zion High Productions collaborator Ato K.D. Roberts. 
In 2023, Zion High Productions is celebrating 20 years of delivering “crucial Rastafari music for these crucial times”.  


released August 12, 2023 

Akae Beka - Glory

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