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First time repressed since 1982, Akin Nathan was a seasoned session saxophonist who featured on several albums but was chiefly known for his tenure with Sonny Okosuns' Ozziddi during the group's most productive period in the 70s & 80s.  

Nathan's Ijama 1982 solo outing Sweet Country, includes drummer Geoffrey Omadehbo, guitarist Brother Didi Lead, bass guitarist Yakubu Daniel, keyboard player Johnny Woode, trumpet Big John Oaikhena, paino Brother Francky Ntoh Song. 

Featured cuts are K'ale San Wa, Congratulation & Free Namibia. 

Played by dearly beloved luminaries such as Tone Nimble, Ge-ology, Sadar Bahar & Charlie Dark. 

Safe to say, we are pretty excited to share these with the world & extra special thank you Tone Nimble. 

Akin Nathan's - I Jama

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