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beres hammond has had a remarkably long and consistent career in jamaican music. starting as the singer in the island's premier horn band, zap pow, hammond began mixing elements of r&b, hip hop, and dancehall into his patented lovers rock, and thanks to his easy and soulful vocal phrasing, not to mention his steady songwriting, he has crafted an approach that lifts him well above the constant shifting of jamaican musical styles. 'love has no boundaries' doesn't break new ground as much as refine what hammond has been doing for years, and the album's unbridled optimism is contagious and refreshing. smooth as whipped butter and sounding at times like a happy and grounded version of marvin gaye, hammond brings a calm wisdom to these songs of the heart, and his unassuming persona makes him the perfect duet partner. solid writing and solid singing make this a welcome addition to the beres hammond canon.

Beres Hammond - Love has no boundaries

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