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Betty Black's 'Gypsy Heart' is a sassy, driving dancer, brimming with flair and powerful vocals. The track marries Rhythm and Blues under the watchful eyes of Gospel and African-American Spirituals. It's mystical and cinematic, yet gutsy and funky - a true Roots Revival Soul with a sophisticated twist, perfect for the dance floor. On the flip side, 'Sweet Beautiful Lies' blurs the lines between Motown, Latin Soul, and Funk. Betty is surrounded by a Phil Spector-inspired wall of sound, delivering a 60s aura as she recounts a young woman's encounter with a smooth-talking man. Backing vocals echo the timeless theme with a modern touch. The track boasts fat backbeat drums, roaring bass, a full Latin percussion section, and horns, all crammed into the studio to accompany Betty.

Betty Black – Gypsy Heart B/W Beautiful Lies

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