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Best of the Dial Masters The Dial and Savoy sessions by Charlie Parker (1920- 1955) have always been considered one of the highest points in Bird's recording career. Both were small labels, conducted by people truly interested in the new music, and the saxophonist was mostly in full command of his talents in the short period of 1946-48, during which the majority of this music was taped. CHARLIE PARKER, alto sax On all tracks, plus: A1-A4: Miles Davis (tp), Lucky Thompson (ts), Dodo Marmarosa (p), Arv Garrison (g, out on A1-A3), Vic McMillan (b), Roy Porter (d). Hollywood, March 28, 1946. A5: Howard McGhee (tp), Jimmy Bunn (p), Bob Kesterson (b), Roy Porter (d). Hollywood, July 29, 1946. A6-A7: Erroll Garner (p), Red Callender (b), Harold "Doc" West (d). Hollywood, February 19, 1947. A8: Howard McGhee (tp), Wardell Gray (ts), Barney Kessel (g), Red Callender (b), Don Lamond (d). Hollywood, February 26, 1947. A9, B1-B2: Miles Davis (tp), Duke Jordan (p), Tommy Potter (b), Max Roach (d). New York, October 28, 1947. B3-B8: Same personnel as above. New York, November 4, 1947. B9: Same personnel as above except J.J. Johnson (tb) added. New York, December 17, 1947. All original sessions produced by Ross Russell.

Charlie Parker – Bird Of Paradise (Best Of The Dial Masters)

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