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DIGGERS DOZEN presents it's first compilation on BBE Music selected by Japan's DJ MURO - King Of Diggin'. This exciting new release offers 12 stunning Japanese jazz-funk and latin-jazz gems which fuse Japanese traditional musical instruments and traditional melodies. These recordings were produced during the 70's for Nippon Columbia by master composers and musicians of Japan's jazz and latin scene, including Kiyoshi Yamaya, Tadaaki Misago & Tokyo Cuban Boys, Kifu Mitsuhashi, Toshiyuki Miyama and more. It's original vinyl releases that these tracks featured on have become scarce and super rare for the Japanese collectors market and now these magnificent tracks are available outside of Japan for the first time on this killer compilation. The focus and selections made by MURO for this release is a continuation from his Wa Groove Mix "Nippon Breaks" released in 2020. DJ MURO known as King Of Diggin' rightfully owns this title being one of the world's deepest and most respected collectors of specialist rare records and music related relics. MURO first and foremost is a globally renowned DJ who has made his mark in releasing countless ground breaking mixtapes of various sounds and genres - mainly funk, soul and disco all selected with rare and original pressings. As well as this MURO is widely known for producing, remixing and re-editing many monumental titles and releases, reigning as King in the various fields he prevails. 12 is the magic number. London based event, label & brand DIGGERS DOZEN is best known for it's marvellous live mix series, where record supremo's worldwide are curated by Maxwell Pastor, boss of DIGGERS DOZEN to select and play 12 of their most loved vinyl rarities. The first event began on the date 12.12.12. when Maxwell forged the concept of 12 DJ's each play 12 records on this significant date. From it's launch the music direction leaned more towards the less familiar sounds than the obvious and all vinyl selections to be strictly original pressings from the 60's through to the late 80's. Some ten years later the DIGGERS DOZEN events still continue, keeping a well respected reputation and growing appeal from record collectors and it's listeners globally. Aside to the live mix series, DIGGERS DOZEN has evolved into a niche brand & record label focusing on specialist merchandise, mixtapes and vinyl releases which echo the interests and music direction of the events including this first very special DIGGERS DOZEN compilation selected by DJ MURO.

Diggers Dozen - DJ Muro

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