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Kieran Hebden's 'eclectic' compilation. From sun-kissed 60s psychedelia (Manfred Mann, would you believe?) to cosmic jazz, to skull-crunchin' hip-hop (Gravediggaz) and Terry Riley's tape-loop cut-ups, seriously entertaining and even educational take on the chillout comp. Highlights include Icarus' digital jazz deconstructions, the indescribable beauties of Linda Perlhac's Parallelograms and Koushik's woozy funk workouts. Also includes an exclusive cover version of the Jimi Hendrix 'Castles Made Of Sand'. Originally released in 2004 - it was never released on vinyl at the time. Carefully mastered at half speed for optimum sonic reproduction.Double 180 Gram vinyl with download and art print.

Four Tet Various - Four Tet Late Night Tales

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