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London electro-pop duo HONNE’s second album opens with drifting, jazzy piano chords that suddenly snap into the stuttering digital R&B of “I Might,” like a sweet dream being rudely interrupted. It’s a startling introduction that perfectly encapsulates Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher’s flair for fusing warm neo-soul sounds and modern, minimalist production in playful ways. On Love Me / Love Me Not, HONNE perpetually have one foot in the club and the other in the boudoir, dropping seductive synth-funk straight out of ’80s Minneapolis on “Me & You” and slipping into the after-dark OVO vibes of “I Got You.” But for all the loopy beat-tweaking, they also reveal a growing penchant for festival-sized singalongs: The sunny synth-pop strut “306” may be a self-deprecating ode to Clutterbuck’s piece-of-junk Peugeot, but it demands to be blasted with the top down.

Honne - Love Me / Love Me Not

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