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Well, you know Rasta a di fyah starter!"

What do you get if you combine the best of three respected Roots production houses with one of the most conscious voices in contemporary Jamaican Reggae? Nothing less than elevational music of the highest grade that will nurture your ears, heart, mind and soul.

With Still, Zion I Kings and Micah Shemaiah have teamed up to deliver a full studio album that resonates with heavy bass and shiny horns, sweet melodies and intense messages. Eight tracks and four dubs were carefully crafted for the world to hear, and, as we became used to in a Zion High release, the quality is so good you better hear this stuff loud.

In comes Spiritual: "Di Rasta man spiritually based, conquer dem physical ways". This first piece is a perfect harbinger of what we are about to experience, introducing not only Micah's warm, soulful vocals but also the experts involved on instruments. "Jah David" Goldfine on bass, guitar and percussion, Laurent "Tippy I" Alfred on guitar and keys as well as the untimely deceased Andrew "Drew Keys" Stoch on trombone and lead keyboards (drums are played by Carl "Carlalou1drop" Benjamin on this track, on others we hear Lloyd "Junior" Richards, Jonathan "Rankine Jedd" and Aston Barrett Jr.) provide an amazing soundscape, in this case with sparkling highlights by Patrick "Aba Ariginal" Tenyue on trumpet.

Micah Shemaiah - Still

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