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Sometimes, Three Words Are Enough To Tell It All. Accordingly, The Core Story Of Needs – The Musical Adventure Of Brothers Lars And Marek Bartkuhn And Their Partner Jan “Yannick” Elverfeld – Can Be Understood From The Inspiration Behind This Compilation’s Title. Paying Homage To The Title Of A Lesser-Known Marshall Jefferson And Ce Ce Rogers Production For Strictly Rhythm, Needs (Not Wants) Typifies Their Aesthetic, Ethos, Innovations And Modus Operandi.

Materializing In This Collection Are Some Of The Outfits’ Best Takes (From 1999 To 2006), Moments Of Glory And Predictive Flashes Of Genius Paint A Beautiful Picture Of What Can Happen If Devotion And Imagination Are Paired With Moxie And Skill.

Needs (Not Wants) (Retrospective Part 2)

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