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Cover: G, Media: VG+ Quite a bit of paper has stuck to the front with brown stains around the Corners


Ornette Coleman's unique writing style and idiosyncratic solo language forever changed the jazz landscape. On classics such as "Lonely Woman", "Congeniality" and "Focus on Sanity", Coleman used the tunes' moods and melodic contours, rather than their chords, as a basis for his improvisations. In so doing, he opened up jazz soloing immensely and ushered in new freedoms--both individually and collectively. Lest these innovations sound too dry or abstract, it must be noted that both Coleman and trumpeter Don Cherry play with a deep-felt emotion and joy that is as infectious today as it was then. The Shape of Jazz to Come is truly an essential jazz recording, marking the end of one era, providing the blueprint for the next. --Wally Shoup

Ornette Coleman ‎– The Shape Of Jazz To Come

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