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From Then 'Til Now marks Roots Architects' debut full-length album, a monumental project bringing together over 50 of Jamaica's most iconic session musicians. Spanning from the birth of reggae in the late 1960s to the present day, the album is a celebration of the unsung heroes of reggae music: the rhythm builders or Roots Architects. Conceived by Swiss keyboardist and producer Mathias Liengme, the album is the culmination of years of dedication to honoring Jamaica's musical legacy. Liengme's journey began in 2013 with "The Inspirators" project, leading to his immersion in Kingston's studio scene and the eventual formation of Roots Architects. Recorded in Kingston studios over February and March 2017, the album features a stellar lineup of veteran musicians aged 60 to 85, including legends like Robbie Lyn, Fil Callender, and Dalton Browne. Together, these Roots Architects revive the spirit of reggae, creating nine instrumental tracks that pay homage to their enduring legacy and timeless artistry.

Roots Architects – From Then Til Now

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