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To celebrate 3 years since the release of Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham’s now classic Sankofa Season, Kitto Records invite some of their favourite artists to remix and reimagine the music. The result is an all-star line up that crosses genre and generations to produce a truly cracking EP, one that is clearly rooted in the original music while also moving into new, unexpected territories. Whether it is dubstep pioneer Mala bringing a heavy and sophisticated twist to ‘Low Ceilings’, or breakthrough post-punk artist Wu-Lu flipping ‘Washed in You’ into a completely new realm, complete with a captivating feature from the one and only Lex Amor, the quality on show is undeniable. Shy One brings one for the bruk heads, with a bumping remix of ‘Learning Lessens’ that flips between styles and mood, deftly using Andrew Ashong’s floating vocals to great effect. Gavsborg and Shanique Marie round out the EP by bringing the full force of their forward thinking Jamaican music collective Equiknoxx to bear with a soulful reimagining of ‘To Your Heart’.

Sankofa Season Remixes by Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham

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