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SBTRKT, THE MYSTERIOUS (MASKED) PURVEYOR of cutting-edge dance sounds, drops his self-titled debut album on Young Turks. The London-based producer's signature sound - swinging, future-garage-infused bass music - has been showcased through a handful of EPs, singles, and collaborations, but regarding the full-length, he says: "This release is the culmination of a longer period of constant writing and collaboration, tracks on previous EPs were written as singular pieces. This record is much more of a whole project, more representative of my thoughts and ideas as an artist and each track was completed with the aim to be coherent together." Check how well the achy vocals mash with the tone of the instrumental on "Hold On." The subtle and sophisticated rhythms and melodies of "Right Thing To Do" as well as the dramatic synths and tribal percussion of "Never Never" are also memorable, but really, there is not a filler in this 12-tracker, so do yourself a favor and grab the album. Highly recommended.


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