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The Pimpala West Coast Classics series does exactly what it says on the label, delivering tidy 7" singles featuring new edits of much-loved 90s West Coast hip-hop gems. This time round, the scalpel fiend at the controls is Ronnie Frazzle. He first turns his attention to Snoop's Dr Dre-produced mega-hit 'Gin & Juice', a delightfully laid-back 1993 number that's often cited as one of the finest moments of hip-hop's "golden era". Over on the flip it's all about DJ Quik's 1992 Profile Records single 'Jus Lyke Compton', an even more laid-back and groovy affair that pays tribute to the notorious LA neighbourhood that became the focal point of the enormous "gangsta" hip-hop scene of the 1990s.

Snoop Doggy Dog - Gin & Juice

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