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Inside The Light World’ derives from Sun Ra’s creative relationship with Bill Sebastian, a keyboardist/synthesist and artist/inventor who developed the OVC or Outer Space Visual Communicator - a hybrid light-to-sound synthesiser played with hands and feet - during the ‘70s and into the ‘80s in close collaboration with Ra and his Arkestra.



Their jams are well known from video documentation, but only two recordings of music were known of, until now. This release represents the full 90’ concert, meticulously salvaged from reel-to-reel tape and remastered to its full glory, depicting radical iterations of classics ‘Calling Planet Earth’, ’Sunset on the Nile’, and ‘Theme from the Stargazers’ spangled with the unique tonalities of the OVC and catching Ra and co in particularly vibrant, swinging mood. 

Sun Ra - Inside The Light World: Sun Ra Meets The OVC

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