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"Chicago's Boogie Munster Crew teams up with Star Creature for it's second reissue compilation and it's another major piece. Compiled by Tim Zawada and Kool Hersh, the project picks up where Attack of the Chicago Boogie Volume 1 left off. Four more Holy Grail Private Press Chicago Boogie tracks officially licensed and sourced direct from the artists right in their own back yards. Mega Boogie Grails seeing the official light of day for the first time. Some of these originals haven't even made it to you YouTube, unseen and unheard and now unearthed. Slight DJ Friendly Touch Ups, remastered for modern sound systems. Special Touch, Duke Turner, On Stage and Kareem Rashad. H-E-A-V-Y Rare Groove Boogie Action." - Unnamed Source, Highly Reputable Media Conglomerate 

Features art from previous Star Creature collaborator and Chicago Resident Ben Marcus. Art Direction based on the 80s versions of Chicago compliment cards and party flyers. The original music was all recorded and produced here in Chicago. All the musicians still live in Chicago. The record was pressed right here in Chicago as well. 

The Chicago Boogie Volume 2: This Love Will Last

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