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Back A Yard is Wailing Souls' 25th album in a career that includes three Grammy Award nominations for Best Reggae Album, and a pioneering 1992 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. 

The concise, 10-song Back A Yard, which was submitted for 2021 Grammy Award consideration, features the group’s two longstanding, charter members, Winston “Pipe” Matthews and Lloyd “Bread” McDonald, ‘back a yard’ (patois for ‘back in Jamaica’) in the studio with production from next generation reggae singer Alborosie. The production features all-star musicians including keyboardist Tyrone Downie (formerly of The Wailers) and bassist Errol “Flabba” Holt of the Roots Radics, who backed Wailing Souls on several of their key releases in the 1980s. Alborosie’s deep study of Jamaican music was heavily influenced by the Souls and their heyday at Channel One studio in the 80s.

Wailing Souls – Back A Yard

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