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Kamaal Williams self-styled 'Wu Funk' has just become even sexier with his sublime second album Wu Hen. Backed by a wicked crew of musicians to breath life into the exhibition of his fluid sound of celestial jazz, funk, R&B and house, the album reinforces his status as a visionary of twenty-first century jazz.


Lending to the validity of this statement is the fact that Wu translates to "Gateway to Heaven", seemingly projecting Williams' importance since his birth in providing this future jazz sound to be our own "gateway to heaven", inspiring generations young and old since he rose to prominence with Yussef Kamaal alongside drummer Yussef Dayes.


Having also risen up in the house, electronica and DJ scene under his moniker Henry Wu, this album feels slightly less tinted with prominent synths and his recognisable house sound compared to his 2018 debut The Return. It feels mature and simple with the flow between tracks, as not one song feels lost or added to fill up record.

Wu Hen - Kamaal Williams

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